This list is intended for those exploring transcendental experiences through religion and psychedelic sacrament with an emphasis on Jewish Kabbalah. It was compiled by Rabbi Benjamin Gorelick through combing through many online Jewish resources, syllabi for psychedelic-therapy programs, transpersonal psychology courses, and general lists of materials about psychedelics using cross-references and intuition to settle on what I feel to be among the best resources on each topic.

Further sources are listed in the appendix.

I have links to articles wherever they are publicly available. Those that I could not find are marked by two (**) while those that I found through private access are are marked by one (*). 


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Nonclinical Psychedelic Experiences 


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Consciousness Studies


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Psychology and Religion, vis-à-vis Psychedelics


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Kabbalah, Judaism, and Mysticism


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Psychedelics and Judaism


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Indigenous Practices with Entheogens


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