Kabbalah and Spirituality

To reach our highest potential is the Divine birthright of every human being.  Personal sovereignty is one of the most vital ingredients toward the unfolding of our own unique expression.  We are not here to teach anyone (the way). Our intention is to create an environment that encourages each person to find what is true and alive for themselves.  Anything that is alive is always moving, growing, changing, evolving and transforming.  We are here to dance with life; to experience metamorphosis over and over again.  Every one of us has an inner compass connected to the En Sof (The Infinite) that knows which way to turn in each unfolding moment.  It is our personal duty to tune our hearts, minds, body and soul to this compass.  Following it even when others are disappointed in us or disagree is a muscle we all must grow. 

Kabbalah means receiving.  We align with our whole self when we are fully open and receptive to life.  Every day life gives itself to us.  The sun shines without us ever having to ask.  The rain falls, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables and animals grow.  You were knit together in your mothers womb without an ounce of effort on your part.  All of the elements are here and available to sustain us.  Kabbalah invites us to open our eyes and revel in all that we have been given, to relax and appreciate just how held we are by life. 

As wonderful and pleasurable as it is too receive, we also desire to give and to create.  Creation is the exhale that follows our receptive inhale.  The more we receive, or you could say, the more we recognize how much we are receiving, the more resources we have to create with.   

  • Breath

The very first thing that we receive as we enter this world is breath.  In Hebrew the name of G-d is YHWH.  If you try to pronounce it, it sounds more like a breath than a word.  How fitting is that?  Breath is what makes us alive. You could even say G-d is Breath. Breath is the fabric that weaves us all into this beautiful tapestry called life.   Through breath the pathways for internal exploration, ecstatic experience and self regulation are many.  In community breath-work ceremony we create a container of safety and deep allowing.  Giving ourselves and each other permission to feel the full spectrum of human emotion.  When we allow ourselves to feel and express the farthest reaches of our joy and sorrow our innermost being is revealed.