Membership in the Sacred Tribe and Benefits

Hello hello!   We’re excited that you’re considering membership in our community, and I’m sure you’ve got questions about how it all works, what membership entitles you to, what it costs, and so forth.  Hopefully, this answers all your questions but, if not, just shoot me a question ( and I’d be happy to help!  

Membership offers you the opportunity to participate in breath-work ceremonies, dinners, online workshops, sacrament ceremonies and a wide range of events, and services we offer.  

We use this model because, at the heart of it, we’re a community, meant to connect and create together, over the long haul.  We’re building something here, and we want you to be a part of it as we go, rather than floating in and out.

Membership includes access to:

  • Services
  • Dinners
  • Sacrament Ceremonies
  • Breath-work Ceremonies
  • Invitations to Ceremonies, Dinners, and Services, nationwide.
  • Mussar (The Feeling Path Integration process)
  • Our 120 week online Sacred Sexuality course
  • Our 2-year Growth Through Kabbalah program, exploring ways to connect more intentionally and deeply
  • Rabbinic access for life-cycle events such as weddings and funerals and Rabbinic counseling and support.
  • Access to religious school and B’nai Mitzvah program, for students ages 6 to 13.

*The majority of the in-person events we do are held at our beautiful house of worship in Denver, CO.  However, as we grow nationwide, we will offer more in-person events across the country.

Membership is $648 per month for singles or $972 per month for couples.  If you pay in advance for a year, you receive a 2 month discount – $6480 for singles and $9720 for couples.

We offer a subsidized, sliding scale if you’re unable to afford the regular membership fee.

Membership is a tax deductible donation, as The Sacred Tribe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

  1. Fill out our application>>.
  2. As soon as you fill out the application, you’ll be asked to schedule your intake interview.  
  3. The interview will take about an hour, and we’ll discuss your background, your interest in joining our community, answer any questions you have about The Sacred Tribe, and discuss next steps.
  4. After the interview, assuming your application is approved, you’ll be asked to take 3 short courses, welcoming you into the community:
    1. A course that describes all of the opportunities to participate in the community.
    2. A course that discusses our use of psychedelic sacrament.
    3. A course on being a good member of the community.  Basically, how to be a respectful participant.
  5. Once those courses are complete, you’ll be a full member of the community, with access to all the benefits!